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The Perfekt Supplement for


House Plants
and Herbs

Trees and Shrubs


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Use Perfekt Earth to grow healthier,
greener, more productive wheatgrass.

Check out the video one of our happy customers
made growing his wheatgrass with Perfekt Earth.

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"My peaches, pears, and apples were completely worm free!" -Cathy Miller

"More growth and no mold on my wheatgrass!" - Brad Teare

"Better looking plants and higher, better yields." - Bob Hills

"Nothing I’ve ever used has given me the confidence I have with Perfekt Earth." -Barbara Wilson

"Almost no worms in the fruit!" - Scott Udall

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Perfekt Earth is rich in Ionic Trace Minerals.
This means immediate availability to your plants
and easy absorption for your body.

Perfekt Earthtm is more than your everyday fertilizer, and better than many organic products on the market today! Perfekt Earthtm is an all-natural, 100% organic, “true green”, Mother-Earth supplement designed to rebuild your soil, revitalize your plants and trees, and thereby replenish food quality and restore better health.

  • Works with microbes in the soil to heal and rebuild all soil types
  • Works in all regions and climates, world-wide
  • Puts 88 all natural minerals and nutrients back into the soil
  • Assists in removing traces of pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals
  • Promotes healthy, vibrant growth of fruits, vegetables, herbs, plants, nuts, and flowers
  • Perfekt for growing healthy, vibrant shrubs, bushes, vines, trees, grasses and more
  • Promotes more rapid composting
  • Passes nutrients from soil, to plant, to food, to you
  • Perfekt Earth is the Perfekt solution to Heal your soil, your plants and YOU!