Why Perfekt Earth?

your soil
your plant life
the food you grow
better health to you

Perfekt Earth is more than your everyday fertilizer, and better than many organic products on the market today! Perfekt Earth is an all-natural, 100% organic, "true green", Mother-Earth suppliment designed to rebuild your soil, revitalize your plants and trees, and thereby replenish food quality and restore better health. HOW?

  • Works with microbes in the soil to heal and rebuild all soil types
  • Works in all regions and climates, world-wide
  • Puts 88 all natural minerals and nutrients back into the soil
  • Assists in removing traces of pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals
  • Promotes healthy, vibrant growth of fruits, vegetables, herbs, plants, nuts, and flowers
  • Perfekt for growing healthy, vibrant shrubs, bushes, vines, trees, grasses and more
  • Promotes more rapid composting
  • Passes nutrients from soil, to plant, to food, to you
  • Perfekt Earth is the Perfekt solution to Heal your soil, Heal your plants and Heal YOU!
Perfekt Earth

Just 3 Easy Steps:

Perfekt Earth
  1. Dilute Perfekt Earth with water
  2. Spray or pour onto plant life
  3. Feed plants as directed ongoing, and sit back and watch them grow!
  • Grow Healthier, Larger Plants
  • Produce Larger, Healthier food
  • Eat Healthier, Live Healthier
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Indoor Plants

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