Why Perfekt Earthtm?


Perfekt Earthtm is more than your everyday fertilizer, and better than many organic products on the market today! Perfekt Earthtm is an all-natural, 100% organic, “true green”, Mother-Earth suppliment designed to rebuild your soil, revitalize your plants and trees, and thereby replenish food quality and restore better health. HOW?

  • Works with microbes in the soil to heal and rebuild all soil types
  • Works in all regions and climates, world-wide
  • Puts 88 all natural minerals and nutrients back into the soil
  • Assists in removing traces of pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals
  • Promotes healthy, vibrant growth of fruits, vegetables, herbs, plants, nuts, and flowers
  • Perfekt for growing healthy, vibrant shrubs, bushes, vines, trees, grasses and more
  • Promotes more rapid composting
  • Passes nutrients from soil, to plant, to food, to you
  • Perfekt Earth is the Perfekt solution to Heal your soil, Heal your plants and Heal YOU!