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Hi everyone!  I’ll bet with warm weather here you’re not just thinking about your yard and garden, but you’re also thinking about a nice lake or beach side as well!  For me, it’s a beautiful white beach, crystal blue sea water and lovely green palms all around me.  Speaking of palms… I have two palms in my living room.  Both I purchased the same day and both are about the same age.  I’ve had them for about 1 year.  The one on the left I’ve been feeding water and ground egg shell, the one on the right I’ve been feeding water, ground egg shell and Perfekt Earth.  Can you tell the difference?  The one on the left is about 5 ft tall and the one on the right is about 12 feet tall.  The one on the right has more vibrant green in the leaves!  Isn’t this Perfekt Earth stuff great!  Just another reason why everyone needs to feed their plants and trees Perfekt Earth.  PE palms A Perfekt Earth Post Palms 2 Perfekt Earth Palms 3

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