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A Perfekt Earth Holiday Gift Idea

Indoor herbal garden shot Indoor herbal garden shot CU

How are you saying I love you this holiday season?  Why not give a gift  that is healthy and will produce for your loved one for many years to come. An indoor herbal garden.  It is quite easy- I took some simple terri-cotta pots and painted green grass on the base as well as the bottom of the pot, trimmed the top with flowers and leaves, and used some vinyl lettering to call out what I’ll be potting in each. Next just place about 1 inch of pebbles in the bottom, fill with soil, plant your herbs and feed them with Perfekt Earth for that Perfekt start. I like pots because they can be placed strategically around the kitchen, window sills, or just anywhere you like. Add a small bottle of Perkekt Earth to your package and it’s ready to go.  And, if you don’t have time to paint; simply pot some great herbs and gift them “as is” with your Perfekt Earth supplement, they’re sure to love it!  Put some Perfekt Earth under their tree this holiday and say, “I care about you and your health”.  Just a little idea from me to you.  🙂

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