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By: Andrew Johnson, Founder and C.E.O.

So who is Perfekt Earth and how did it all begin? Perfekt Earth was founded with the belief that we can heal the Earth and in turn heal ourselves and our children for generations to come. It’s about healing and restoring our true “strength source”- our soil. All things come from, are nourished by, and ultimately return to- the soil. Healthy soil makes for healthy plants, healthy plants make healthy food, healthy food helps make healthier animals and people too.

Perfekt Earth began as the result to a question that beckoned an answer. “Is there a healthier choice—a way to restore and revitalize our soil?” Our soil isn’t what it used to be. With every passing year we find ourselves using more fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, and herbicides in the ground and on our plants. Our soil is too often dry and feels lifeless. There has to be something we can do that doesn’t involve applying harmful chemicals and mixtures. If we wouldn’t consume it, then why would we put it into our soil and onto our plants? We all know, if it’s in our plants, it’s in our food, and if it’s in our food; we’re consuming it.

For me this question really began when I was a boy struggling to grow corn and working through processes to achieve better and better results. Loosing loved ones to illnesses and believing that, in most cases, our lack of health linked back to how we eat, what we eat, and what is in what we eat, drove me even harder to find an answer. In college I studied life sciences and found I enjoyed Chemistry and pharmacology. My passion drove me to also learn more about nutrition and “its true source”, agriculture. Understanding that healthy plants and crops were hugely affected by soil condition, soil preparation, soil moisture and climate; gave me a foundation to begin researching for an answer. I also learned that crop rotation and resting periods for planting fields were also critical for soil restoration and health. Applying all of these principles and factors, I began working on a solution. After many adjustments, and many years, I am proud to announce that we have a solid, healthy, natural solution to poor soil health. We call it Perfekt Earth Soil Supplement and it is the strongest tool we at Perfekt Earth have for Healing the Earth.

So you may ask, What is Perfekt Earth Soil Supplement?
It’s an all-natural, 100% organic, true green, Mother Earth supplement. It’s more than just a fertilizer. It doesn’t just nourish the soil. It actually restores and revitalizes the soil and its ability to produce healthy hardy plant life. We have found, we can make a difference! We can heal the soil! We can grow food that is healthier and better tasting than we ever imagined. Perfekt Earth Soil Supplement can help us do just that and we at Perfekt Earth Marketing, L.L.C. are working to help heal the Earth and heal ourselves, one home and one garden at a time.