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Is Perfekt Earth safe?

Perfekt Earth is non-toxic. All of the ingredients come from Mother Earth in their natural form. Because it is very concentrated it must be diluted before applying. Like water, too much of a good thing is not so good.

What’s in Perfekt Earth?

Perfekt Earth contains an all natural blend of nature’s ionic minerals and trace-minerals together with other natural ingredients specially formulated to give your plants a real natural boost.

Why is Perfekt Eart better than the other fertilizers in the market place?

Perfekt Earth is natures solution and gives the soil and plants a balanced compliment of nutrients.

What kind of results can I expect to see in my first growing season?

Perfekt Earth when applied properly will make your yard trees, shrubs and garden better and healthier than they were before application.

How often do I apply the product to my vegetable garden?

Because Perfekt Earth balances and feeds soil and plants, frequent (weekly) dilute applications i.e. 1 tbsp/ gallon are desirable for poorer soils. Better soil will require less.

What other applications can I use the product on besides vegetables?

Orchards, Vineyards, ornamentals etc. Anything green that grows will benefit from Perfekt Earth.

What is the best way to apply the product?

Spray or drip system are ideal. Watering cans or other containers work fine. Perfekt Earth 1-3 tsp/ gallon is a safe dilution for any plant. Remember more is not necessarily better. Frequent more concentrated applications may be too much.

Does it work on lawns and grasses?


Does it work on my shrubs and bushes and how would I apply that?

Rule of thumb- shallow root systems require more diluting. Established shrubs and bushes can handle more concentrated solutions.

What about trees, can it help my landscape trees? And what about my fruit trees?

Perfekt Earth works wonders with trees. Fruit trees will produce healthy, flavorful fruits. Fall applications work best. Simply pour concentrate around the root base and water well. Large established trees do well with a cup, smaller trees ¼-1/2 cup.

Does it work on my house plants and how do I apply it to them?

Perfekt Earth works well with house plants. 1 tsp/ gallon is very adequate, water plants as you normally do.

How does Perfekt Earth help me to have better health?

Humans consume plants and their fruits. Plants grown with access to minerals and nutrients will incorporate those minerals and nutrients into the plants and fruits. Healthy plants make for healthy people. Perfekt Earth provides what many plants are missing.

Will Perfekt Earth help with composting?

Yes, Perfekt Earth supercharges the composting process by feeding and balancing the microbes in the soil. Think of Perfekt Earth as vitamins for the microbes in the soil that do the composting.