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California Drought- What we can do

Hands holding healthy dirt Istock image of beautiful cultivated garden PE harvest photoYou may have heard, California had its driest year on record in 2013, with 2014 not beginning any better.  According to the US Drought Monitor, 91.6% of the entire state of California is experiencing “…severe to exceptional drought”.  This could have huge impact on our country’s produce supply and the overall cost of many items we use each day.  Did you know, California supplies 99% of our country’s artichokes, 44% of our asparagus, 66% of carrots, 50% bell peppers, 89% cauliflower, 94% broccoli, 95% celery, 90% leaf lettuce, 83% romaine lettuce, 83% fresh spinach, 33% fresh tomatoes, 86% lemons, 90% avocados, 84% peaches, 88% strawberries, and 97% fresh plums.  If this takes a big hit, it will impact us all.  So, let’s use this year to get better prepared.  Plant our gardens, yards, fields, now.  Many of us live in regions where we can plant a few of the items listed, so we should begin feeding our soil with Perfekt Earth and preparing to plant what we can in our own yard.  I plant in between my flowers, shrubs… and my shade trees are fruit trees.  You can do the same.  Did you also know as you water with Perfekt Earth, your soil will get more efficient at holding moisture and thus needing less watering?  Isn’t that great news?  Now, are we going to plant and be prepared this year and beyond?  Happy Gardening.

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