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Check out my Perfekt Earth Sweet Cherries!

Perfekt Earth Cherries Perfekt Earth Sweet cherries CU

Isn’t this AWESOME!!! I just had to share!  My BING Cherry tree produced the most beautiful HUGE and “WORM FREE” cherries this year.  Can you believe this!  Larger than a quarter-  see image.  Plus sweet cherries are known to get worms, I guess they love the sweet juice inside.  However, even though we did NOT spray with anything and we only fed our trees with Perfekt Earth, we found ZERO cherries with worms!  And, we pulled 40 pounds of cherries from our 1 tree.  That is just what we could reach as our tree is very tall.  Yes, Virginia- there is a solution to organic farming, it is called Perfekt Earth.  Wish you all could try one of these!  They taste juicy, sweet… I’ve already eaten a huge bowl full.  🙂

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