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IMG_0012 Perfekt Earth blackberries Bigger around than a quarter
You’ll never believe this! I’m still using walnuts from last year. I couldn’t believe what Perfekt Earth did for my garden and my trees. Check this out! Blackberries larger than the diameter of a quarter and almost as big as strawberries. Look at my walnuts! They were so big my mom couldn’t believe it. She had to run home, grab some off of her tree and come back to my home to compare. Can you tell which ones were grown with Perfekt Earth? I just love that Perfekt Earth has ZERO harmful chemicals, I grew these without using dangerous pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers that I could not even stand to breathe in. Think about it- if you wouldn’t want to breathe it in or consume it, why would you put it on the plants that grow the food you eat? Do your gardening and indoor planting like I do, without fear and with SUPER results! Happy Gardening, Cathy.

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