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Garden fed with P.E. vs. Garden not fed with P.E.

I have GREAT news everyone!  Our very own “gardener” Neil has invited us to watch his garden grow! I had the opportunity to visit Neil while he was doing his Spring planting. We were talking about Perfekt Earth and the wonderful results you get with it when Neil had a great idea- Why not plant an experiment that everyone can watch unfold? As you can see in the photos, we have two garden boxes side by side.  The one on the left was planted and will not receive any Perfekt Earth during this growing season. The box on the right will be nourished with Perfekt Earth all season long as will Neil’s garden behind him too. I can’t wait to see the end results this Fall. You’ll want to follow this story throughout the season, as we’ll be checking in on Neil and his garden in the weeks and months ahead.  Happy Gardening!!!DSCF0330DSCF0332DSCF0331

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  1. Cathy

    Hey everyone, we’ll be visiting Neil again in just a couple weeks to see how his garden is coming along. Stay tuned as we’ll see first hand the difference between his garden that’s being fed with Perfekt Earth and the one that is being deprived of Perfekt Earth. Can’t wait to see the difference. Neil says we’re all going to be amazed!

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