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It’s Harvest time, Onions, Garlic, peppers…

Well, it’s that time of year when we harvest what we’ve planted.  And, the Perfekt Earth Harvests are looking really great again this year!  Even with Utah having a particularly hard growing season this year due to early heat in June, Perfekt Earth has made it possible to still enjoy large, healthy, delicious fruits and veggies.  Check out what Neil’s harvesting from his Perfekt Earth Garden!  He’s bringing in beautiful onions, crisp peppers, robust garlic, and the yummiest tasty tomatoes!  And, the best part is, he makes the most delicious salsa you’ve ever had from them!  I hope he saves some for Don and I.  🙂

Neil's onion, garlic CU of Neils veggies Neil's chopped onions Neil's salsa CU salsa

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