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Perfekt Earth helps me with Christmas Gifts too!

I am amazed by the Black Friday crowds every year!  The specials keep coming and the day is now beginning on Thursday?  Why not avoid the Black Friday rush by giving something you made by hand?  This year I am using the wonderful delicious apples, pears, peaches, cherries, grapes, plums, strawberries and even walnuts that I grew “organically” using Perfekt Earth to make a tasty trail mix to gift to my friends!  I even purchased some banana, cranberry and coconut and dried all the fruits for this special tasty gift.  No preservatives, no additives, or any raw or treated sugars, just Mother Nature!  I picked up the jars and containers at my local dollar store and made labels and matching tags with my ZINK hAppy.

Check out how they turned out.  This is a great idea for homemade popcorn, candy, cookies, brownies almost anything you’d like!  Happy Holidays.lifestyle hAppy gifting shot 2 Glass Jar CU with Tag Small green gift CU shot 2

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