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“I have been farming and gardening my whole life.testimonialperson I believe in the benefits one can get from growing your own food and enjoy growing lush beautiful flowers too. I have struggled with weeds, insects, and poor soil for many years. Nothing I’ve ever used has given me the confidence I have with Perfekt Earth. When my husband and I used to farm we used pesticides and herbicides in an effort to keep bugs and weeds out of our crops. I was always worried if it would effect us? If it kills bugs and kills plants; what does it do with us when we eat the food growth with it? But, unfortunately there seemed to be no better answer to turn to.”

“Last year my daughter introduced me to Perfekt Earth. I was nothing short of a miracle! I grew BEAUTIFUL plump healthy fruits and veggies and did not have to use any poisons on my plants or soil to protect them. I have confidence now! Not only am I putting much healthier food on my table; but I also see very few insects and much fewer weeds in my space to boot! I recommend Perfekt Earth to any mother, grandmother or gardener who simply wants to rid themselves of pesty weeds and insects without suffering from the harmful effects poisons on their plants and food can have. My fruit and vegetables were larger and more tasty than I had ever had and I have been growing my own foods and flowers for over 55 years! Try it for yourself!”

Barbara Wilson
Grandmother and Backyard Gardener
Orem, Ut

“Karen and I first heard about Perfekt Earth through a friend who had been using this new product with reported excellent results.bob and karen We have a vegetable garden and two forty foot rows of Raspberries we decided to treat with Perfekt Earth. We were pleasantly surprised with the results of better looking plants and higher, better yields than the previous 2 years we had owned the property. We are looking forward to continued use of this great product, not only for our garden, but we are anxious to see what it will do for our ornamental plants and trees, as well. Thank you for introducing this break-through product.”

Bob and Karen Hills
Vegetable Gardeners

Hi Andy,
I just wanted to tell you how much we have loved what Perfekt Earth has done for our pear tree harvest! Before using Perfekt Earth, our usual harvest was small wormy pears unless I sprayed… then they were just small pears. We simply poured one cup of Perfekt Earth on the ground around the base of the tree in November of last year and let it rain. I had pretty much forgotten about the treatment until we began to harvest. The fruit was 4-6 inches long and tasted so delicious that we could hardly believe it was the same tree.

I also want to mention that preparing the larger fruit was not only easier because of the size, but I noticed there were almost no worms in the fruit, making it a pleasure. It made a difference for us.
Thank you for sharing Perfekt Earth with us in the Northwest!
Best Wishes,

Scott and Patience Udall
North Bonneville, WA

“My Name is Cathy Miller. I come from generations of flower, fruit and vegetable garden growers. My parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great-grandparents and even generations before them were all passionate about growing their own food and loved surrounding themselves with beautiful flowers, plants, shrubs etc. My grandmother was an ornamental horticulturalist and worked in a local garden shop most of her young life. She could look at your yard and tell you just about every plant, tree, and shrub’s type and what they needed to grow best. But, one thing she could never master and I still, as recent as last year, could not answer was, “how do I ensure healthy soil and grow bug free food without using pesticides or keep my weeds down without herbicides?” Understanding that both are very dangerous, I wanted a better answer!

“Then a friend introduced me to Perfekt Earth. He told me that I would be amazed at the results Perfekt Earth could bring me. I would have healthier soil, larger more robust plants, better food (grown without the side effects of poison), larger flowers, healthier fruit trees without so many worms and insect holes in the leaves and fruit… I was intrigued. So, I agreed to try it. I was simply AMAZED! It really worked and I did not have to use dangerous poisons to make it happen. I no longer had to have those in my house either, worried if a child might get into them. My results? Well they spoke for themselves! Last year my walnuts were twice the size of my mother’s, my raspberries were the size of quarters and almost as big as strawberries, I had table queen/ acorn squash the size of small pumpkins (I never seen them that big before), my peaches and pears were completely worm free! And, my apples were free from worms as well! I just could not believe it! My soil looks richer, it breaks up better, and I now have earth worms in my soil; which I never saw before. My grandmother always used to say, “worms in your soil are a sign of healthy soil”. I don’t know how true that is, but I do know I am seeing them for the first time. I was so taken by these results and the hope of eating and living healthier, that I agreed to become Perfekt Earth’s Spokesperson.
“I am proud and honored to tell everyone about Perfekt Earth and look forward to hearing many stories like mine from folks all over the world as you too discover there is actually a “healthier” solution than we’ve ever had before. It’s Perfekt Earth!”

Cathy Miller
Perfekt Earth Spokesperson, Gardener of Flowers, Vegetables, Nuts, and Trees
Pleasant Grove, Ut