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Welcome Everyone!

Andy Johnson
Welcome everyone! I am so excited to be launching the Perfekt Earth blog. We at Perfekt Earth Marketing, L.L.C believe if we all have the right resources we can regain a healthier life for ourselves, our children, and the entire world. I have worked for many years to bring you a product that will not only help you in your efforts to eat and live healthier, but it will do it in a 100% purely organic and green friendly way. Perfekt Earth leaves ZERO harmful effects in your soil, because it has ZERO toxic chemicals. Unlike any other soil fertilizer, Perfekt Earth is more than just a fertilizer. It is a true soil supplement designed to assist Mother Nature in producing healthier soil, healthier plants, healthier food and a healthier you! I hope you’ll join us here, and visit often to see what we post next. We will be sharing what’s new here at Perfekt Earth Marketing, tips and tricks, articles, what’s in the news, community calendar items and even posts that might help you get to know us a little better. That’s right, it’s not all work around here… we have fun too! And, we hope to share some FUN on our Perfekt Earth Blog. So come back and visit us often. Warm wishes, Andy

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